6 Install the Jakarta Governor Candidate Ready to Fight

VIVAnews – Chief Election Official Jakarta Special Capital Region followed by six pairs of candidates. Bowo incumbent candidate received an order number in the lottery that was held Saturday, May 12, 2012 night.

The entire gubernatorial candidate and candidate for vice governor of Jakarta is present in the determination of candidate sequence numbers held by the Election Commission in Jakarta Ballroom of Sultan Hotel, Senayan, Jakarta, it is. The candidate sits and is subject to the registration number.

The process of taking the serial number is divided in two ways. First, the couple took the lottery numbers, lottery numbers and it is the order of a couple to re-take the serial number. So the pair took the number twice.

After taking a turn number, pair-Ahok Jokowi advised the Commission that the couple went to check the lottery numbers so that nothing is the same.

Bowo first pair gets a turn to take the serial number. They also got a number one. Faisal Basri then turn couples who take the serial number and they got the number five.

Third turn, partner Joko Widodo, they got the number three. Soepandji Hendardji pair got number two. The next couple who got the Hidayat Nur Wahid number four and the last turn, Alex Noerdin to number six.

The following serial number pair candidates for governor and vice governor of Jakarta:
A. Nachrowi Ramli Bowo and candidates of the Democratic Party;
2. Hendardji Supandji and Ahmad Riza Patria independent candidate pair of lines;
3. Joko Widodo and Basuki Purnama Tjahaja candidates from the PDIP and Gerindra;
4. Hidayat Nurwahid and Didik J Rachbini candidate from PKS and PAN;
5. Faisal Basri and Biem Benjamin candidates of independent paths, and
6. Alex Noerdin and Nono Sampono candidates from Golkar, PPP, and PDS.

Serial number is official number, official name, official images that are used for all media dissemination campaigns, and ballot papers printed by the city administration.

Bowo grateful for number 1. Corresponding number, Foke add all good. But, “No champion bloated numbers. We do not have a name but we have a single number. It’s an honor and trust to continue the next stage,” he said on Sunday, May 13.

Pair candidates for governor and lieutenant governor who carried PDIP and Gerindra, Joko Widodo and Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, stating the serial number obtained is the number 3 is lucky. For Jokowi who like metal music, metal symbol is represented by thumbs up three fingers – the index finger, little finger and thumb.

“I’m grateful to get the number three, was a gift from God. Incidentally his administration is in accordance with my soul, the rock star. Metal soul, win total. Hopefully I do well with Ahok win total, “he said, holding up three fingers Jokowi it.


The day before the lottery number, the Commission announced all six candidate pairs Governor and Vice Governor of Jakarta qualify a candidate for governor. “All the partner qualifies as a candidate at least support the governor and deputy governor of Jakarta,” said Chairman of the Nominating Commission Working Group, DKI Jakarta, Jamaluddin Faisal Hashim, in a press conference at the Commission offices.

Jamaluddin explained cagub six couples has been examined and cawagub file registration, nomination, and his health. “The file nomination passes all. Results of health checks all qualify. So it is with the support of candidates of political parties and independent pathways,” he said.

Of the terms of political party support, partner and cawagub Alex Noerdin cagub-Nono 18 Sampono supported the party. Bowo pair Nachrowi Ramli supported the eight-party. Joko Widodo-Basuki Purnama Tjahaja Bipartisan, Hidayat Nur Wahid and partner-Learners J. Rachbini supported one party.

While for the pair of candidates from the path of an individual, partner-Faisal Basri Coal Biem Benjamin managed to gather support for ID cards as much as 487 150. While Hendardji Supandji-Ahmad Riza Patria with ID number 419 416 as support.

KPU chairman of Capital Dahliah Umar, said that all administrative requirements either collectively or individually have been verified by the team to its full potential. “All these results are expected to understand and accept gracefully, because we have tried to verify the optimal and honestly,” he said.

Successful team winning Hendardji Supandji-Faisal Ahmad Riza Patria and Coal-Biem Benjamin claimed relief and happy to hear the announcement of General Elections Commission (KPU) DKI Jakarta today. “We are grateful for the first time in Jakarta, there is an independent gubernatorial candidate, is supported directly by the people, not a political party,” said Chairman of a successful team Hendardji Supandji-Riza Patria, Adhyaksa Dault.

“We’re optimistic. Independent that votes are not collected at random from the ID card, but there is a statement. All of our supporters will make a campaigner for winning Hendardji-Riza Patria,” he said.

Law and Advocacy Coordinating Team Success Faisal Coal-Biem Benjamin, Reinhard Parapat, said it would build 1,000 shelters winning village and district level in five areas of Jakarta.

And now, all candidates preparing for the round of the campaign which will begin on 24 June to 7 July. And you are right, the citizens of Jakarta, the upcoming vote on July 11.

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