Emotions Up Down? He is 5 Ways to Set!

Jakarta – Have you ever felt your emotions up and down? Life is to make emotions fickle. If it can not cope with those emotions, you who will be the victim of his own emotions.

Positives and negatives came and went, making erratic emotions. If you feel emotionally less stable at this time, try five following strategies to control emotion, as quoted from Health.

A. Let out
Removing the emotions sometimes must be done because of a sense of sadness or anger can drain your energy and disturb your thoughts. Harbored emotions can either self-destruct and relationships of others.

If you are a hard pour feelings through words, try to put it in writing in a diary. You will feel relieved that your heart is no longer filled with emotions that block.

2. Counting To Ten
The power of emotion is huge and can occur anytime and anywhere. In the workplace, shopping centers, when with friends or at dinner with a lover.

When you’re in a situation full of emotion, try counting to ten before saying anything. It allows you to be more calm, the situation and think about the positive and negative effects that would occur if you react or comment further.

3. For Duty In Small Portion
Sometimes the emotion comes because of the burden or task you were working too hard. If that is the trigger, try to divide the job in small portions. Eliminate thoughts that you have a pile of work that may not be completed.

Ask for help co-workers also would not hurt. Do not just because they want to be independent and hardworking, you slam the bones alone. If indeed you have limited capabilities, shared weakness is an effective way to prevent depression.

4. Talk to Yourself
Emotions are unpredictable, one minute you feel fine, after that you may feel lethargic and dispirited. Some things may not go as what to expect and make your world a ‘dark’. Before you go too far in the darkness, speak to yourself. Ask what can be learned from the situation and how you can make it a challenge to more advanced.

5. Fill Basic Needs
Do you ever feel sometimes emotions are not fair? They suddenly came to me when you are busy or are holding a responsibility. But that’s the emotion, not unexpected arrival.

To that end, pastikanuntuk meet the basic needs first, such as eating nutritious foods, drink lots of water, sleep and adequate rest and do not forget to exercise.

If you have to meet basic needs, you can feel more calm and not easily carried away because your body is a unity between the physical and mental. If physical needs are met, emotions can be overcome.

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