The winner of Indonesian Idol 2012 Predictions

Finally, the two grand finalists have been selected Indonesian Idol 2012. Sean and Regina managed to escape, leaving behind Yoda in round three of the Stage Spectacular on Saturday (23/6) evening.

Not easy for Sean and Regina to be able to reach the position of the two great as it is today.

Sean had been at the bottom of the SMS acquisition when he competes in round five. But thanks to his talent in music, Ahmad Dhani, Agnes Monica, and Anang Hermansyah use their veto power to save Sean to be able to remain in the talent show. As is known, the judges only have one chance to use veto power in the event of Indonesian Idol.

As with the Regina. Not easy for a woman whose full name is Regina Ivanova to be in action in Indonesian Idol Spectacular Stage. Before managed to escape into one of the contestants this year, Regina had failed six times at the audition. He said he had to audition since Delon be one of the contestants.

Since Thursday (28/6), Yahoo! OMG! create a poll: “Who will come out as champions Indonesia Idol this year?”.

As of this writing, there have been 14 079 recorded Yahoo! readers have cast their ballots. About 9600 votes, or 68 percent of the predicted Regina Indonesia Idol 2012 champion. While Sean is only getting 32 percent or more less 4500 votes.

The poll is still ongoing, and the numbers may change. The poll Yahoo! OMG! This is only a prediction. Indonesian Idol winner remains to be determined by the size of the acquisition of SMS to be achieved Sean and Regina.

Is the next Indonesian Idol 2012 will fit the predictions of readers Yahoo!?

All will be determined from the appearance of Sean and Regina as Indonesian Idol Grand Final 2012 taking place on June 30. Attendance will be given a week to provide support for SMS, until the winner was announced at the Indonesian Idol2 Result & Reunion 2012 on July 7.

Good luck, Sean and Regina!



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